Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Blackshear and Wessels Homes

We completed not one, not two but three playground areas for the Savannah Housing Authority. Two playgrounds were completed at Edgar C. Blackshear Homes and one play area was installed at Fred Wessels Homes. Their existing surfaces were just grassy, dirt which can get muddy and isn’t much fun or very nice looking. The entire project was 2,640 square feet of smooth, durable, unique Perma Play 2-Layer System rubber surfacing. After much planning, they opted to do a sub-base under the playground areas. We installed six inches of sub-base which is rocky aggregate material under all the rubber playgrounds. This material aides in the drainage of the playgrounds and preserves the exterior for a lifetime of wear.

The rubber surface was an additional two days after the sub base was installed. We have multiple color options for the surface top coat EPDM rubber layer, but their choice was 100 percent light beige color to keep things simple. We can do a standard mix of equal parts, full color or assorted colors including awesome graphic designs. We have the technology to do the most complex details. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and we only use virgin EPDM rubber for the top layer and have a variety of colors. The bottom black layer is called buffings and is 100 percent recycled tire rubber, environmentally friendly and provides the safety depth needed. We had a team of four crew members that are talented professionals to install these fresh and safe rubber surfaces.

Fort Gordon

Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Fort Gordon CDC

We finished a premium playground including a sub-base at Fort Gordon Child Development Center. The planning phase started off with a bold color choice of teal and light beige equal parts of 50 percent mixture with two playground areas: kiddie slide and swings had the same coloring but varying depths. It was determined that the depth of the surface would be different for each area to meet the critical fall height requirements. This critical fall height is critical in determining safety. Our products meet or exceed requirements set forth in the Consumer Product Safety Commission and are always ADA compliant. We are IPEMA certified, too.

The slide and swing play areas totaled 1,356 square feet. Also, we provided and installed the sub-base under those playgrounds. This gravel sub-base provide a solid base for the surfacing to rest on. On top of the sub-base layer is the safety cushion called buffings then the top layer is virgin EPDM rubber which completes the package. The entire surface area was our exclusive Perma Play 2-Layer System which is a poured in place non-toxic rubber material with our premium aliphatic adhesive. Aliphatic binder is our highest-grade adhesive which protects and preserves those beautiful colors. Once the rubber was cured, we were able to wrap up by providing installation at two areas where shade structure poles were mounted. Our team of 4 crew members enthusiastically completed this in record time. While fast paced is good, we strive for excellent quality on every project!