Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Blue Rock Park

Blue Rock Park hired us to install three separate play areas totaling one huge modern playground at 3,518 square feet in Cincinnati area. Through the delicate planning phase, it was determined that the depth of the surface would be different for each area to meet the critical fall height requirements of the existing playground equipment. This critical fall height is determined by measuring the equipment platform to the ground. Our products meet or exceed requirements set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The small slide area was 2,086 square feet and only needed two inches of depth while the swing area was 1,216 square feet and needed more depth at three and a half inches to ensure the child’s safety when swinging.

The area around the monkey bars measured about 216 square feet and only needed three inches in depth to be safety compliant. The entire surface area was our superior Perma Play 2-Layer System which is a poured in place rubber EPDM material in a mixture of 50% black and 50% beige standard color mix. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and we only use virgin EPDM rubber for the top layer and have a variety of colors to create a designer playground. The bottom black layer is 100% recycled tire rubber called buffings. This rubber material provides the safety depth needed. We had a team of five rubber surfacing laborers working diligently completing the work in just two days!


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Ashland University

Ashland University hired us to design and build a fashionable playground rubber surface near their stadium in Ashland, Ohio. They selected our exclusive Perma Play 2-Layer System poured in place rubber material in a mixture of 50 percent black, 25 percent purple and 25 percent yellow to match the look and brand of their Ashland University school colors. All color schemes and color mixes are only limited by the imagination. This playground will be safely enjoyed by all at two inches in depth. The base coat consists of 100 percent recycled tire black rubber and the top wear coat consists of color. It is a non-toxic, virgin EPDM rubber.

We had a team of 5 rubber surfacing playground construction experts to complete the 2,175 square foot project. They used a mortar mixer to mix the rubber granules and adhesive to get the desired black, purple and yellow mixture. This Perma Play job only took two days to complete. We even did a flush edge to the existing sidewalks. We offer several three-dimensional edge detail drawings of our Perma-Play product to review and decide which is best. Sometimes our work gets a little dirty and we can provide a roll-off dumpster to haul all the construction debris away. We like to keep the work site clean and organized. This surface is ready to provide safety and limited maintenance and maximum durability for years to come. Kids will have a wonderful time playing while the Ashland football team wins on the field. Go Ashland University Eagles!