South Carolina

Moncks Corner

Perma Play 2-Layer System playground for House of Smiles Day Care Center

We designed an excellent safety surface at the House of Smiles Day Care Center in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. This unique play area of 500 square feet included an additional trike track design of 700 square feet totaling 1,200 square feet of fun for these kids. After their thoughtful planning phase, they picked a color mix of equal parts black and light gray for the play area then a black and red color mixture for the trike track area using an aromatic binder. A trike track is a fun design element to engage kids in dramatic play, pretending they are on a road. Beep! Beep! The entire surface was at two inches of depth so that the surface would follow the critical fall height recommendations.

The height can be considered as an approximation of the fall height below which any injury may happen. Determination is done by measuring the equipment platform to the ground. Also, we did the sub-base of four inches which is a one and a half inch to dust aggregate material that allows drainage and helps this exterior surface to remain stable. Our competent playground professionals completed this project by using a laser sight to specifically measure the trike track design, a few hand tools and a mortar mixer. The mixer combines the rubber granules and adhesive together to produce the rubber surface. Our proficient Lead Installer reads construction site plans with specific designs set forth by architects to achieve these technical marvels. We believe in excellence in every job we do!


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Thronwell Home for Children

We installed a playground for the deserving youth at Thronwell Home for Children in Clinton, South Carolina. The new surface area was quickly installed in two parts: a play area and a trike track path area. Watch out for a future Jeff Gordon as these kids ride on this awesome pedal path. The total square footage was 1,500 with a depth of two inches to ensure a safety at 4-foot critical fall height. Safety is a great concern for us and we are always ADA compliant. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it’s estimated that there were more than 200, 000 injuries annually on public playgrounds across the country that required emergency room treatment. By following their recommended guidelines, Thronwell Home for Children now has a minimal risk environment. We were happy to help them provide a slip resistant, durable and resilient safe place to play. This beautiful playground will be easy to maintain. They elected to do a tri-color mix of black, green and light beige for the play area. The trike track path was an equal mix of our standard black and green mixture. The top layer is a poured in place non-used or virgin rubber EPDM material which is non-toxic and perfectly safe for everyone to use. We have a variety of colors to choose from: light blue, charcoal, bright green, teal, purple and primary colors, too. With 35 vivid colors, complex graphic patterns and endless custom color combinations; the only thing limiting a surface design would be imagination!


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Lexington Early Childhood Center

We provided installation of our exclusive Perma Play 2-Layer System to the Lexington Early Childhood Center in Lexington County, Swansea, South Carolina. Our safety surface is a poured-in-place option and constructed of the finest raw materials available. Through laboratory testing, Perma Play meets and exceeds the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. No project is ever too big, small or difficult. We are very concerned about safety which is always crucial for any surface area. We’ve taken it a step further by teaming up with International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. IPEMA provides a third-party certification service by a designated independent laboratory. We received written validation from the independent laboratory that its surfacing conforms to the requirements of this independent standard. Also, we only supply unused EPDM rubber because it’s completely non-toxic and, of course, safe for those little tikes.

The top layer colors were a tri-color mix of black, green and light beige. The bottom layer called buffings adheres to the sub-base and is 100 percent recycled black tire rubber. We like preserving the environment and these buffings along with the top coat delivers that fun bouncy feel. The gravely sub-base material was the entire 1,600 square foot base under the rubber playground at four inches in depth. It aides in the drainage of the play area and preserves the exterior for a lengthy time. We had a team of five playground professionals working diligently completing the work in just five days to ensure that the project deadline was met. Go team, Pro-Techs!