Why Surfacing Matters

When you are building a playground, surfacing may be the last thing you think of. However, surfacing is of the utmost importance. In fact, when you are building a playground, track or some other environment that relies upon safety flooring, surfacing, and the process that creates it should be a high priority. So why is it important that your playground flooring solutions and materials be of the highest quality?

Well your flooring solution matters, no matter the environment. The quality of your solution impacts how long and how well your playground surfacing will hold up against the weather elements and repeated use over time. Playground surfacing and flooring contractors are always keeping up with the latest advances in technology. You can be sure that these contractors will maintain high quality control measures that will improve safety, efficiency and value and more!

In order to create the highest quality playground surfacing materials, total quality management must be upheld. Total quality management starts from the moment aggregate materials are collected and processed. All aggregated materials that are used in playground surfacing and flooring solutions must be durable and should also resist to early wearing and tearing. Different sized aggregates must be used to ensure the optimal surface type and durability. Furthermore, all aggregates must be tested against various and serious standards as that will ensure the maximum quality of the flooring itself.

Meeting the needs of specific playgrounds and environments require their own playground flooring mixture and (aggregate) materials. The playground flooring must be both stiff and also resistant to distortion as well as flexible and strong enough to resist cracking or the wear and tear you may expect in certain environments with bizarre or intense weather conditions. The stiffness and resistance to distortion allows the playground flooring to be able to handle applied pressures from kids and whoever else inhabits the playground or space. Meanwhile, the flexural strength prevents damage occurring from contrasting pressures exerted on the playground itself. If you are interested in creating or designing a playground, you will need to make sure that the flooring contractors you hire have experience in creating quality safety surfacing products. You will want to look at those companies that use materials produced with indoor and outdoor play areas in mind.

Pro-Techs has been supplying high quality indoor and outdoor flooring solutions for municipal engineers, landscape and traditional architects to build safe surfaces for sports and play activities since 2005. Our customers know the knowledge and experience we offer for developing playground flooring for schools, churches, community sports facilities and other venues requiring playground mulch and rubber flooring products.

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