Impact Testing

Keep Your Play Area Safe and Compliant with ASTM-F1292-17 Standards

Is Your Surface ASTM F1292-17 Compliant?

Surface testing ensures the safety and health of everyone especially children on a playground. We can do testing on any surface area even if we did not install it. Every surface system diminishes to a degree over time. This process can be anywhere from displacement due to normal wear and tear to solidification. Annual testing is recommended and without this regular examination it is difficult to fully know if a surface is complaint with ASTM F3351 and CPSC Guidelines recommended for a safe playground.

We use the most reliable and accurate testing instruments to ensure appropriate reports. The TRIAX 2015 system is the latest evolution of playground surface impact test systems fully compliant with American (ASTM F3351), European (EN1177) and many other (CSA, AUS) standards for the measurement of shock (G-max) and head injury criteria (HIC) values as would be experienced during an impact of a head on any surface system.

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