Create A Safe, Fun-to-Use Space With PIP Rubber Surfacing Contractors

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC, we’re committed to keeping young playground users safe and protecting business owners from premises liability claims. Our poured in place rubber surfacing is attractive, durable, and shock-absorbing. More importantly, it meets all regulatory standards for use within indoor and outdoor play areas. Read on to find out how PIP rubber surfacing contractors can help you create a safe and fun-to-use area for kids that enhances the marketability and appeal of your business.

Playground safety surface installation shows that you care. It also fulfills your duty of care and shows that you’ve done all you can to ensure that kids aren’t seriously harmed while using your indoor or outdoor equipment. Our flooring systems provide a soft, cushioning, and shock-absorbing barrier between falling children and hard surfaces. This minimizes impacts and limits the amount of damage kids could sustain after losing their footing or grip.

We offer products in a diverse range of colors. We’ve installed flooring systems for churches, childcare facilities, schools, parks, and more. We can accommodate all types of spaces and can accommodate different environments and risks. You can work with our client relations design consultants to arrive at the perfect specifications for your playground. You can also choose a color scheme or include eye-catching branding elements.

One of the many benefits of our products is that they aren’t appealing to pests. Unlike sand or wood mulch fibers that can harbor fleas, feces from stray animals, and various bacteria and other germs, our flooring surfaces are easy to clean. Unlike mulch, they won’t attract termites or other cellulose-loving insects to your play area, or become home to stray cats.

To clean PIP flooring, you simply need to hose it down with a powerful hose. Best of all, these products hold up well in direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, and strong winds. You can expect the PIP flooring we install for you today to look just as good for years to come. Contact us now by calling 330-576-6058 to get started with a hassle-free quote!

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