Discover The Benefits Of PIP Rubber Surfacing

One of the most important parts playground is safety. With a high-quality, protective flooring solutions, property owners can protect children at play while avoiding negligence-related claims and create attractive, functional spaces that people of all ages can enjoy. Do you need PIP rubber surfacing for your facility? If so, then read on to discover the many benefits of working with Pro-Tech Surfacing.

To start, these systems are great for preventing serious injuries that can result variety of critical fall heights. They provide a dependable layer of cushioning, substantial shock absorption, and a reliable, resilient texture. If kids lose their footing or their grip, they will not come crashing down onto unforgiving concrete, blacktop, or old weathered mulch fibers.

Most all churches, schools, and daycare facilities are required to have be meet playground compliance and accessibility standards. Our Perma Play 2-layer rubber surfacing meets and exceeds this protection in outdoor and indoor areas. Having our products installed is a great way to ensure consistency of compliance. It also shows as a property owner, you have done all that you can to keep everyone safe when playing outside.

Not only are rubber safety surfaces great for minimizing the likelihood and severity of injuries but they are also incredibly durable. Our one-layer mulch or two-layer play rubber construction means that they’re capable of standing up to constant sun exposure, wind, rain and even snow. Our playground rubber safety surfacing systems are a great investment and will continue provide stable protection for many years to come. Best of all, if you need to clean your playground area, this system can be quickly and easily be hosed down or pressure washed.

Our systems are available in a vast range of colors and designs. You can get poured in place rubber flooring that perfectly matches your playground set or other outside design elements. In fact, you even could incorporate your logo or other design elements into the final work. Also, our turf product now comes in vibrant colors: red, blue, yellow and white as well as the traditional green lawn color and is just as durable as poured in place rubber. To get started on creating an attractive and undeniably safe play area for your facility, call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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