Four Ways Playground Surface Contractors Can Help You Protect And Enhance Your Business

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC, we work hard to ensure that playgrounds are as safe and functional as well as enjoyable. We’ve been in our industry for many years and know what it takes to create environments that make parents feel comfortable and give kids the freedom and protection they need for unforgettable indoor and outdoor experiences. Read on to discover four ways in which playground surface contractors can help you protect and enhance your business.

As a property owner, fulfilling your duty of care always becomes infinitely more challenging when you add play structures. These areas make it necessary to take extra precautions to prevent both minor and serious injuries. Our playground surfacing provides a reliable cushion for long falls. Thus, if anyone on your grounds loses their grip or footing, they’ll have the benefit of shock absorption and pliable material that breaks their fall.

As a top-rated playground flooring contractor, we also know that safety involves health considerations. For instance, certain cushioning and shock-absorbing materials attract pests and retain harmful microorganisms. Therefore, far fewer parks and childcare facilities are using mulch, rocks, sand, or other loose material to ensure user safety. Our products are easy to clean. Many of the materials that we use also have inherent antimicrobial properties.

We also install systems that are incredibly easy to clean. If you have a spill or if your playground surfaces start to get a dull, dingy look, you can simply hose them down. We regularly work with parks, daycares, churches, schools, recreation centers and outdoor sports facilities in search of poured-in-place rubber flooring due to its ease of maintenance. We have solutions for both indoor and outdoor play or fitness areas.

Another great reason to work with us is our ability to incorporate your branding elements into your protective flooring. We have a large and extremely talented team of design technician experts who can help you plan your project for amazing results. Whether you want to incorporate your logo or your business name, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to find out about our complete range of capabilities at 330-576-6058.

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