Get The Exact Look You Want With Our Perma Play Color Blend Visualizer

There are a lot of good arguments for installing custom color rubber playground surfacing at the interior or exterior of your facility. These products provide optimum levels of shock absorption and all-around safety for playground users. If someone playing on your grounds loses their grip and falls, you can count on these cushioned, springy surfaces to soften their landing and minimize their injuries. However, in addition to many functional benefits, these systems also provide remarkable aesthetics. Best of all, with our Perma Play color blend visualizer, you can get the exact look you want.

This tool allows you to create a color that perfectly represents your brand and brand values and blends seamlessly with your other outdoor features or decor. To use it, simply visit and scroll down to the “Color Blend Visualizer”. Click this link and look at the fantastic range of color options. Then scroll down below the color circles to find “Available Mix Breakouts”.

Simply choose one of the color mix breakouts that we currently have available. You’ll find four distinctly different percentage selections. You can start the process by selecting the green “Select” button.

Then in the “Color Selection” use the drop down to customize the playground flooring colors. Finally, click “Mix Colors” to create your preferred mix and see the results. If you like what you see, you can save the color mix you produced, If not, try again until you arrive at the exact look you want.

Adjust the color quantities as desired, and then lock your set percentage then see the results. You can send your saved mix colors to our team by emailing this saved PDF and we’ll send you a physical dry color sample to view in person. While you wait for the sample to arrive, feel free to learn more about the safety ratings, surface expected lifespan, and minimal maintenance of our pour-in-place playground flooring solutions. Get started now!

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