Get The Look And Level Of Safety You Need With A Commercial Playground Surfacing Contractor

Poured-in-place or PIP rubber installation is a top playground surfacing choice for daycares, parks, churches, and other centers throughout the nation. If you intend to host children in your play area, you want to keep them protected. With the right flooring, you can fulfill your duty of care and enhance the marketability of your business. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we are sharing three important reasons to connect with a commercial playground surfacing contractor who can deliver the results you need.

To start, our team members can ensure that your flooring solution has the right specifications for compliance. We’ll make sure that all regulatory standards are met, even as you maintain access to a broad range of options. The systems we provide keep our clients protected from liability issues and minimize the risk of serious injuries.

Kids will enjoy using your indoor or outdoor play equipment far more when they know they can do so safely. No one enjoys losing their grip or footing and crashing down onto hard concrete or into a material that lacks shock absorption. We’ll provide a soft, resilient surface that cushions fall and limits the likelihood of broken bones, fractures, and serious sprains.

Our products hold up well over time. This remains true whether you use them indoors or out. They can stand up to near-constant UV-ray exposure, wind, rain, and hail without losing their protective qualities or brilliant colors. Best of all, our commercial clients can choose from a variety of ways to incorporate their company colors or important branding elements. We can help you arrive at a flooring design that’s just as aesthetically beautiful as it is protective and functional.

When cleaning your new flooring system, you can simply hose it off. Made with durable, high-quality rubber, these products last well, look good, and remain easy to clean for many years to come. To get a hassle-free quote or learn more about our playground surfacing, call us today at call 330-576-6058.

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