How To Protect The Ground Rubber Surfacing During Cold Weather

Wondering how to protect your new rubber surface after cold weather installations? We’ve outlined a couple of strategies below that you can use, to lengthen the lifespan of the surface.

Remove any snow, use leaf blower, or hose surface off with diluted mild dishwashing liquid but no power washing. Before allowing kids to start playing, get rid of any snow or other debris on the surface. Shovel away any snow on the floor and equipment. Snow has the disadvantage of reducing the durability of the elements used in the play area. Removing snow will provide better visibility for the children when using the place. It will minimize the chances of accidents, such as falls.

In some cases, it is necessary to take away some equipment from the play area and store them until spring. Such items stand the risk of accumulating snow. This makes them heavy and they could collapse under that weight. For example, swings, splash pads, canopies, and others. Moreover, proper storage will prevent some components from getting damaged due to the cold.

Regular checks and maintenance are necessary. Wear and tear can happen to the materials used. This can render them loose or minimize their shock absorption. We have a handy playground surfacing high frequency maintenance inspection form that is a great guideline. This tool helps you to inspect for trip hazards and surface deterioration. This PTS Inspection Form is available on our website:

Ensure proper drainage. This will improve the durability of the installation materials used. It will prevent the materials from getting loose or breaking down into particles. Therefore, we’ll do the installation with drainage in mind and you can keep an eye out for water pooling in spots. As always let us know immediately for any issue like this.

We design grounds with kids in mind. Our structures are durable and can be used all year round. This makes it possible for kids not to be stuck indoors, but to have a fun time even during cold months.

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