Keep Your Clients Safe With A Top-Rated Playground Surface Installer

Installing a playground is one of the best things that you can do to keep the kids on your campus active, engaged, and duly stimulated. However, one very important part of this process is choosing the right playground flooring installation. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we’re proud to be a trusted playground surface installer, and we’re committed to providing the most expansive and reliable range of outdoor flooring solutions in our industry.

Our systems are designed to absorb stress and limit the damage caused on impact. If you have elevated structures for children to play on, you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t harmed when losing their footing or their hold. Even a slight drop can be devastating when there is little to no ground protection.

Working with a playground surfacing contractor can be a key part of fulfilling your duty of care. This is vital for avoiding premises liability issues. Efforts like flooring installation show that you’ve done all you can to keep play area users from sustaining physical harm. To this end, our systems are assured of paying for themselves.

We offer products that are just as good-looking as they are reliable, enduring, and functional. Our surfaces stand up well to constant UV-ray exposure and ongoing temperature changes. You’ll get long-lasting surfacing that continues to provide sufficient shock absorption and cushioning even as it remains eye-catching throughout the years. We also have a diverse range of colors and systems to choose from. As such, our clients can find options that are perfectly in line with the needs of their facilities, and on par with their targeted price points.

There is even the opportunity to include branding details in your flooring solutions. Want to include your company logo right onto the surfacing? We can install most any graphics depending on the detail and will happily work with you on a solution. Once installed, our flooring products will help establish and promote your brand, attract new clients, and help keep your existing customers happy. Do you need to have your play area surfaced for improved safety and aesthetic appeal? If you do, call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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