Leading Design-Build Playground Contractors; Factors To Consider When Choosing A Surface

When it comes to building playgrounds, nothing is as important as choosing the right surface. With so many great choices at your disposal, it will be essential for you to consider a range of factors before choosing the best rubber flooring to install. We are skilled and seasoned design-build playground contractors and can help you choose the perfect surface for your needs.

Safety is arguably the most important factor to consider. Some surface depths offer better safety levels than others, so you must consider the critical fall height of the play equipment for the appropriate kids’ age range. When designing your play area, you must also ensure that equipment to the surface less than four feet has a zero to seven inches of depth and a structure above four feet has a surface depth of seven to fifteen inches. Also, these equipment structures must provide at least six feet of space allowance in all directions. Our installation supervisors are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, and you can rest assured they will provide accurate design build guidance.

Choosing a flooring material for a playground is a very personal matter. Irrespective of the material you select, we will enhance the safety of your space using simple yet practical designs. For instance, we can reduce trip hazards by making surfaces leveled or flush to concrete walkways and rolled for ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act).

It remains imperative to think about your financial budget before selecting the surface to install and we understand that this can be a major deciding factor. Once you find suitable flooring material, consider how much it will cost you to install and maintain your floor. Some of the most budget-friendly options to choose from include rubber one-layer bonded mulch or synthetic turf.

The quality of the material must also be considered. Most vendors have playground surfaces of different grades and top-quality merchandise tends to cost more. Our two-layer Perma Play is a one and half inch topcoat that comes in a wide variety of colors and while this is our premium product, it can still be budget friendly. Top-notch surfacing like Perma Play lasts longer especially with our roll coat service and assures you of enhanced safety as well. Be sure to also consider the maintenance requirements of your material of choice. As you create your budget, ensure you leave reasonable room for design, quality, workmanship, safety and of course affordability.

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