Choosing Dependable Playground Contractors In New York

A smooth and aesthetically appealing surface for users enjoying a variety of activities is important for the benefit of church playgrounds, schools, and neighborhood play areas. The right surface will improve the appearance, as well as be more durable, and safe. Are you looking for playground contractors in New York? Do you have a need for the highest quality surfaces for your play spaces or recreational areas in and around New York City? Pro-Techs Surfacing LLC has the most professional and trusted playground toppers in NYC.

We believe that our playground surfacing materials are something that should be considered by anyone looking for a durable and attractive play area, whether it is indoors or out. We are experienced in application of the products we recommend for the needs of each client. The choice of the right surface depends on the location, the intended use and aesthetic appeal.

The Pro-Techs team has mastered the most up-to-date techniques and our products reflect the latest technology around. Our principals have a combined experience in the industry of more than sixty years. Installation perfection depends on proper preparation of the site using the right equipment for the project. Our surfaces have been installed in many different types of recreational areas; including parks, trails for walking, running or jogging; and in school playgrounds.

We offer several products, in order to meet the specific budgetary and usage requirements of each client. The poured-in-place (PIP) products are the first choice of many customers. We also provide Perma Turf and Perma Mulch as attractive and dependable alternatives. The budget constraints of each customer are considered before we make our recommendations. Regardless of which product you select, you can be sure of a attractive cost per unit of time.

Cleaning the installed surfaces is easy and convenient. Soap and water generally is enough to bring the surface back to pristine condition. Many of our customers find that the safety features are another way to save on the cost of playground operation. Our products are safe for children and pets and are eco-friendly. The flow of water is another feature that is beneficial to some customers. Water doesn’t soak in, it runs off and can be controlled to reduce erosion

Our professional installers are ready to travel to your project site, if you are thinking of establishing a new play area, or re-designing an existing one. We consider carefully the existing landscape features and requirements when we design solutions for our clients and prospective clients. When you are looking for top choices of playground flooring in New York, we are the company to contact. You can call us at 330-576-6058 today for a free no hassle quote!

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