Why You Need A Playground Designer In New Jersey

Where there are children, there are playgrounds. The right design for these spaces is important if you want to keep the youngsters in your neighborhood safe as well as interested. Today, more city planners and others are incorporating aesthetically appealing outdoor play areas in planned communities. Are you looking for a playground designer in New Jersey? Do you need ideas and plans for the creation and installation of a new playground? Pro-Tech Surfacing has the most reliable and trusted design and installation service in all of New Jersey.

You may think that simply paving an area of ground would be enough to keep the children occupied, but a well-designed space with safe, bright and colorful surfaces is an attractive addition to any neighborhood, school district, church playground or park. We design playgrounds which are aesthetically pleasing and which take advantage of the land contours, use which will be made of the space and the interests of the users of the space.

We want to design play areas which are a magnet for children and adults as well. Often, this is accomplished by our bright colors. Since the colors are incorporated into the surface, they do not dull and fade, even under harsh environmental conditions. This means that they look good for decades instead of months. We can work with customers to develop their ideas into a workable installation, followed by bringing our installation crew in to take the next step toward a safe and clean, as well as colorful surface. If you prefer, we can provide repair work on an existing surface, even if it was created by a competitor.

The surface is long-lasting and is easy to clean. A light environmentally safe cleaner will return the surface to a bright and clean appearance. Since the surface is smooth and level, it doesn’t cause pooling or harmful run-off. So, there are no potholes to cause a risk of falls and sprains. The rubberized surface has some ‘give’ to it to lessen the pain of a fall.

Our play area designs can be placed indoors or out, and we can design a play area which is linked to running or jogging trails, or one which is perfect for a game of basketball. You can place your logo on the surface, or can incorporate lettering to identify the city, park or corporate name.

In addition to design services, the firm provides playground surfacing contractors serving New Jersey. Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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