Playground Flooring In New York Explained

There are some play activities that are okay on grassy surface, but few are enjoyable if the surface underfoot is gravel or worse yet, mud. Are you looking for the latest information about playground flooring in New York? If you need replacement or installation of high quality poured in place rubber flooring for your school, park or playground, Pro-Techs Surfacing has the right solutions in a range of colors and designs. The playground surface company is recognized for its design skills, product quality and excellent installation expertise.

Children, and adults as well, need a place where outdoor activities such as basketball, track and other games can take place without the risk of injury due to tripping over rough patches or getting dirt and debris into skinned knees or elbows. PIP flooring is smooth and level and is installed in a continuous pour, to further reduce uneven patches. The surface is suitable for school playgrounds, parks, day care centers and church playgrounds. In fact, the PIP flooring is suitable for many activity areas, even those indoor.

Our service area extends to clients across the entire United States. Our expert installers will come to your location with all of the tools and equipment to quickly and competently install the smooth, decorative and functional rubber surface. We can design your new surface over territory of many types, so that the product is suited to uneven features in the landscape, making the new surface ideal for running, walking or jogging paths.

For clients on the financial side of purchasing new play surfaces for your facility, PIP surfaces are exceptionally long-lived. The colors stay bright, and the surface can take a lot of wear and tear without reducing its aesthetic appeal. The installers can place team or other logos right into the surface of the rubber, so that the colors and appearance remain bright.

Safety is one of the key reasons why so many schools, parks and other places where children gather are replacing worn and dated surfaces with the high quality, long-lived and easy-to-care-for rubber product. Its inherent features have more ‘bounce back’ quality than other types of playgrounds, which promotes the safety rankings for our items. You can expect to enjoy the appearance and functionality for many years. When the surface becomes dirty or stained, typically a wash-down with clean water and a mild detergent will bring the product back into pristine condition.

For the highest quality PIP rubber flooring in New York and across the nation, we have options. Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no hassle quote!

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