Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Independence Park

We provided installation of a brand-new 8,738 square feet playground surface of our superior Perma Play 2 Layer System poured in place rubber. This massive playground has 5 separate play areas totaling one huge modern playground for Independence Park in Chicago, Illinois. Through the delicate planning phase, it was determined that the depth of the surface would be different for each area to meet the critical fall height requirements of the existing playground equipment. This critical fall height is determined by measuring the equipment platform to the ground. Our products meet or exceed requirements specified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The depth of the play surface ranged from 2 inches to 5 inches to be safety compliant. The entire surface area was a color mix of 45% light beige, 45% brown and 10% black. We use virgin EPDM rubber for the top layer because it’s non-toxic and have a variety of colors with endless possibilities. The bottom black layer is 100% recycled tire rubber called buffings.

It’s environmentally friendly, provides the safety depth needed and has a bouncy feeling for a great play surface. We had a team of 12 playground professional laborers working diligently. Once on site, our crew leader measures the proposed surface area to ensure proper square footage and depths match the job order. Originally, it projected 8,270 square feet which was 468 square feet less than our crew leader’s measurement. We immediately alerted the onsite personnel at Independence Park and came to an agreement for the work order. After the change order was issued, the surface was installed and after it cured then play time commenced like clockwork.

Oak Lawn

Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Columbus Manor Park

We provided an exceptional playground for Oak Lawn Park District at their 15-acre Columbus Manor Park. The existing surface just wasn’t providing the safety or durability they needed. They selected our high-end Perma Play 2-Layer System which is safe, durable and fun for families. We have multiple color options and the planning phase ended with a bold design from the architect. We used nine assorted colors: Red, white, teal, royal blue, light beige, light blue, brown and black. The specifications for this playground also required our premium aliphatic binder. This binder is Aliphatic Urethane and is our highest-grade which protects and preserves those beautiful colors. It’s clear in color, UV resistant, has a strong bond and is very light stable meaning that the color chosen for the play area will stay that color for years to come.

The beautiful design was technical but hassle free for our fully trained and professional rubber surfacing laborers. The rubber surface was installed at various depths because of the critical fall height needed around the play equipment. This is determined by measuring the equipment platform to the ground. Our products meet or exceed requirements set forth in the Consumer Product Safety Commission handbook, are ADA compliant, we are IPEMA certified and offer surface testing with full reports. We were contracted by Oak Lawn Park District to perform the ASTM F1292 testing. Our Installation Manager performed the testing just as soon as the playground had set-up. Once the testing is complete, the results are tabulated into a PDF report, emailed quickly and efficiently.


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Paul Breise Park

Joliet Park District required a Poured-in-Place surfacing at Paul Breise in Joliet, Illinois. We provided and installed our superior Perma Play 2 Layer system at varying thicknesses for there grand project of 6,577 square feet. The Joliet Park District came to an agreement on the scope and design of the project. They chose one of our standard 50/50 color mixes. The playground was equal parts blue and black. This color mix matched their play equipment.

We had a team of 10 rubber surfacing laborers to install this project. Another company installed the sub-base layer which is an aggregate that provided a solid base for the surfacing. On top of the sub-base layer is the safety cushion called buffings then the top layer is virgin EPDM rubber which completes the package. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane. We have 35 color combinations to choose from and our products meet or exceed Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations. We are compliant with the Americans Disabilities Act and are IPEMA certified, too. Our expert and professional crew have the technical know how to create stunning designs. We installed this beautiful playground in just 4 days! While fast paced is good, we strive for excellent quality on every project. Our crews work as a unified team effectively doing every job right the first time and on schedule.