Perma Play Playground for The Play School at Legacy

We provided and installed a fun and safe playground at The Play School at Legacy in Carmel, Indiana. There’s no question why the school district chose our Premium Perma Play 2-Layer System for the3’ thick, 2,250 square feet playground. During the planning phase, they decided to continue their boat themed playground all the way down to the surfacing. The new playground has an 7-foot CFH requirement and this is determined by measuring the equipment platform to the ground. Our products meet or exceed requirements in the Consumer Product Safety Commission guide. The surface is compliant with American Disabilities Act and meets the ASTM F1951 Stand Specification for Determination of Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment.

We offer four types of edge detail: recessed flush, raised rolled, flush rolled and ADA Wheelchair Accessible. Also, we are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturing Association (IPEMA) and capable of testing any surface whether we installed it or not. Our playground laborers are professional experts and can take the most complex design and make it perfect right on the spot. When the school bell rings, this playground has a brand-new surface for great play time!


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Heavilin Elementary

We provided installation and surface testing of this fashionable and contemporary playground at Heavilin Elementary. Our fully trained rubber surfacing playground laborers completed this project on time and within budget. Our crew leaders read construction site plans with specific measurements to achieve any technical design. This project needed 8,100 square feet of smooth rubber surfacing in three multi colors at a depth of 3.5 inches to meet an 8-foot critical fall height. This top layer is the beautiful colors consisting of virgin EPDM rubber because it’s non-toxic and safe. The bottom layer are a buffings rubber material which is 100 percent recycled tires.

We like saving the environment but our main goal is to keep playgrounds safe for children and we also offer impact testing. After the surface was properly installed and set up, our install manager conducted an ASTM F1292 Impact Attenuation Test which is a standard specification for impact testing of poured in place rubber surface material. While the top half inch layer is eye catching, the most critical element of any playground is the bottom layer surfacing. The impact test result is an analysis of impact values that are appropriate for the fall height of the play equipment on our entire Perma Play 2-Layer system. On site impact testing is the only way to confirm that a surface is compliant. We can test any surface even if we didn’t install it.


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Thrive Christian Church

No job is ever too big or too small and we completed a 936 square feet playground for Thrive Christian Church in Westfield which is known for its Quaker heritage and is a great town for walking tours in the Indy 500 state. Their existing surface needed a face lift and our Perma Play 2-Layer System rubber surfacing came to the rescue. After some planning, they opted to have a 2-inch system on top of their existing subbase. This layer is an aggregate material on top of the ground. It can be a sand and gravel mix, blacktop, concrete or asphalt. This subbase material aides in the drainage of the playgrounds and preserves the exterior for a lifetime of wear.

The rubber surface is in two layers. The bottom black layer is called buffings and is 100 percent recycled tire rubber, environmentally friendly and provides the safety depth needed. The top layer is virgin EPDM rubber which stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and we only use this non-used rubber because it’s non-toxic and safe. This top layer comes in a variety of colors. Thrive Christian Church chose an equal part mix of black and our number 38 medium blue. It’s like an ocean blue from the Caribbean. We can do a standard mix of equal parts, full color or assorted colors including awesome graphic designs. We have the technology to do the most complex details. Sometimes our work gets a little dirty and we can provide a roll-off dumpster to haul all the construction materials away. We like to keep the work site clean and organized. We had a team of four expert rubber laborers installing this fresh, durable and safe rubber surface.