North Carolina


Play safety surface of Perma Play 2-Layer System for Greensboro Children’s Museum

We designed a functional rubber safety surface at the Greensboro Children’s Museum under two Neptune XXXL Climbers on their Outdoor Play Plaza. This excellent safety surface was a grand total of 8,841 square feet. No project is ever too big or too small and we are always concerned about safety which was extremely important for this outdoor play area. Our products meet or exceed requirements set forth in the Consumer Product Safety Commission handbook and are IPEMA certified as well as ADA compliant. We only supply non-used or virgin EPDM rubber because it’s completely non-toxic and very safe for everyone including those little munchkins crawling around on the surface. The bottom layer called buffings is a 100 percent recycled tire rubber.

We like saving the environment and this is what gives the surface that bouncy feeling. Our fully trained rubber laborers are playground construction professionals. They completed this project by using a laser sight to measure the design details, some hand tools and mortar mixers. These mixers combine the rubber granules and adhesive together to produce the material for the rubber surface. Our Lead Installer reads construction site plans with specific schematics to achieve highly technical designs. We may have a Michelangelo in our midst because our experts are talented installers are interpreting complex graphics turning them into beautiful works of art. We take every job seriously and our crews are always competent, experienced and courteous. This Perma Play safety surface for Greensboro Children’s Museum Outdoor Play Plaza is hands down fabulous!


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Excel Learning Center

We successfully installed a day care center playground at Excel Learning Center in Jacksonville, North Carolina which is home to the largest Marine Corps base on the eastern seaboard. The new surface area was installed in two phases and the total square footage was 2,138 at 2 – 3 inches in depth of our standard color mix of black and light beige using aromatic binder. We rolled down the edges of this great play area, too. There were two play areas requiring different depths due to the critical fall height recommendations.

Their existing surface was grassy which can be get muddy during the raining season. We gladly installed the sub-base over the excavated dirt area. We installed four inches of sub-base which is rocky material under all the rubber playgrounds. This material provides a solid base for the surfacing to rest on. Then the rubber surface is laid on top in two parts. The bottom layer adheres to the sub-base. This layer is called buffings and is 100% recycled tire rubber. This rubbery material provides the safety depth needed for the critical fall height along with the top layer which is a poured in place virgin rubber EPDM material. It’s non-toxic and perfectly safe for everyone to use. We have a variety of colors to choose from. We had a team of five laborers working diligently completing the work in a total of 3 days for each phase.


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Wayne Child Development Center

We provided installation of these fun play areas at a total of 1,611 square feet of our premium Perma Play 2-Layer System poured in place rubber at two inches in depth and a compacted sub-base of six inches in depth. After their careful planning phase, they chose our standard color mix equal parts of black and blue using an aromatic binder. Also, we did all the excavation work to prep the area for the sub-base and new playgrounds. Sometimes our work gets a little dirty and we can provide a roll-off dumpster. We like to keep the work site clean and organized.

They had two areas with same depths of two inches due to the critical fall height requirements of the play equipment. The height can be considered as an approximation of the fall height below which any injury may happen. The determination is done by measuring the equipment platform to the ground. Also, we are IPEMA certified and offer surface testing with full reports. Testing can be complete as soon as the playground sets up. The set-up time usually takes 24 – 72 hours. Once the testing is complete, the results are tabulated into a PDF report and emailed. We strive to be efficient and excellent in all we do. They can now have a safe playground environment for all children. We were happy to help them provide a safe place to play and a beautiful playground that will be enjoyed for many years!