Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Virginia Commonwealth University

We completed a great playground for a very busy VCU Child Care Development Center on their beautiful campus. No job is ever too small, we were able to provide our premium Perma Play 2 Layer System at 759 square feet in a black and gold color mix to match their university colors. Our standard color mixtures help to keep costs at a minimum while still having a great surface. We have multiple color options for the surface top coat EPDM rubber layer. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. We use virgin EPDM rubber for the top layer only. It’s non-toxic, safe and comes in a variety of colors. We can do a standard mix of equal parts, full or assorted colors including awesome graphic designs. We have the technology to do the most intricate details.

Buffing is the bottom black layer is 100 percent recycled tire rubber. It provides the safety depth needed and that bouncy feeling kids love. The depth of this play surface was 2 inches to be incompliance with the 4-foot critical fall height the daycare center needed to follow. The team of playground installation professionals installed this safe rubber surface with integrity and they work with an excellent product that is superior and built to last. Our rubber surfacing provides a safe, smooth, durable, seamless and slip resistant rubber play area. We offer spec sheets on all our products, work with kinds of budgets, focus on getting work done efficiently and can provide testing services because we are IPEMA certified.


Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for the Oath Child Development

We provided and installed a fun, safe and practical playground rubber surface at a total of 2,026 square feet for the Oath Child Development Center which is apart of KinderCare Learning Centers. We did a variety of services such as power washing their small play equipment, demoing their existing surface which involves removing playground components, loose rubber, mulch and any other existing surface. Also, we did structure playground work. We can provide many other services like roll coating to protect surfaces, fencing and other landscaping needs, playground testing and a dumpster to keep the job site clean. They chose our superb Perma Play 2-Layer System poured in place rubber in our popular standard black/blue color mix. This helps reduce cost while still providing aesthetically pleasing and a safe playground.

Our standard color mixes are red and black, green and black, beige and black, blue and black but let your imagination soar with 35 assorted colors! The rubber surface is at two inches in depth because of the 4-foot critical fall height requirement. This is determined by measuring the play equipment platform to the ground. Our products meet or exceed requirements set forth in the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ADA compliant and certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturing Association (IPEMA). Our playground laborers are professional experts and can take the most complex design and make it perfect right on the spot. This playground required attention to detail for a completely brand-new, smooth, fun and safe surface to romp around and play.

Virginia Beach

Playground Perma Play 2-Layer System for Naval Air Station Oceana

We typically provide poured in place rubber surfacing but sometimes we are contract to just provide testing services on an existing play surface. We performed ASTM F 1292 Impact Attenuation Test at the Youth Building playground for the Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. We can do testing on any surface area even if we did not originally install it. The test method quantifies impact in terms of g-max and head injury criterion (Hic) scores. This specification establishes a minimum performance requirement of a surface. Basically, testing scores are based on the velocity of an object falling at a certain Critical Fall Height (CFH) point. This CFH guide is set forth by ASTM International. It is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards.

Our Install Managers are IPEM certified to perform this testing and have the technical understanding to conduct this testing appropriately and accurately. Surface testing is critical for everyone’s safety and according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it’s estimated that there were more than 200, 000 injuries annually on public playgrounds across the country that required emergency room treatment. We provide full Impact Attenuation Testing reports. If we would provide and install a new rubber surface, we can do a test as soon as the surface hardens up. The surface area set-up time for testing is usually 24 hours and once the test is complete, the results are tabulated then a full report with pictures are emailed. We strive to be efficient and excellent in all we do.