Make Your Business Safer And More Appealing With Playground Surfacing Installation

If you have a play structure at your business, there is a lot that you’ll need to do to avoid premises liability issues. With high-risk elements such as these, part of your duty of care is making sure that falls from excessive heights are properly mitigated. The best way to accomplish this is by procuring and installing playground surfacing installation. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we have extensive experience in creating safe, practical, and truly enjoyable play areas.

Our turf, mulch, and rubber surfaces are designed to minimize and absorb impact. As children develop, they gain better balance and coordination, so it is important to pick appropriate play equipment that a rubber surfacing can be installed under. If a little one falls from the top of a play structure, their landing will be reliably cushioned. The right surface depths can limit the likelihood of broken bones, fractures, serious concussions, and other major injuries. This depth from the play structure to the rubber surfacing is known as the critical fall height. As an example, a fall height for climbers is the distance between the highest part of the climbing component and the protective surfacing beneath it.

In most areas and for most business types, there are several building regulations that property owners must adhere to. Our services will bring your play area up to code. Thus, not only will it be more appealing to parents, more fun for young kids, and safer all-around, but it will also be on par with the expectations of all regulatory bodies. You won’t be at risk of costly fines or other penalties, and you can show that you’ve handled your responsibilities as the property owner.

Installing these systems can also significantly heighten the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Play areas have a decidedly more finished look once their underlying surfaces have been installed. When you work with us, you can choose from an impressive range of products and can find one that fits your goals and your targeted price point.

Our overarching goal is to make playing outdoors safer for children while lowering any property risk. We’ve worked with municipalities, public parks, recreation clubs, school districts, daycare facilities, churches, and many other groups. Contact us now to know more about our past work, receive our list of many satisfied references in your area or to set up a consultation or site visit.

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