Top Four Approaches To Establishing Quality Safety Flooring For Daycare Centers

Maintaining the highest safety levels remains the primary concern to every management in daycare centers. The furniture, the outdoor environment, and the floor must meet the required safety standards to make the place friendly to all children. They spend most of their time indoors playing, crawling, and exploring, hence the need for quality floors that suit their daily activities. The discussion below outlines essential insights to installing Rubber Safety Flooring for Daycare Centers.


Daycare members deserve cushiony, soft, and comfortable surfaces since they spend most of their time on their feet. It is imperative to note that not all surfaces are as durable as need for daycare centers or kids’ feet. The hard ceramic or tiled floors cause a lot of strain on the feet, not to mention slip hazards. We help you install soft rubber surfaces, reduce the strain and cradle the feet, thus relieving delicate feet and joints.

High Traction

Kids are always curious and want to climb on every part of the room they find fascinating. Such activities cause slips and falls which may be fatal. The facility management should apply surfacing materials that provide sufficient grip under the foot to prevent slipping and falls. We use rubber safety flooring with a high coefficient of friction and installed at the correct critical fall height as a perfect safety installation solution for your daycare center. The rubber surface will help create a safe environment for kids to attempt and acquire new motor skills.

Quality Shock Absorption

Children can stumble and fall several times as they grow though this should be avoided; it isn’t always possible. The seriousness of the fall is determined by the height from where kids fall and the surface on which they land which is known as critical fall height. It is thus prudent to work with an experienced poured-in-place (PIP) rubber flooring contractor to install resilient and safe rubber floors that prevent fatal injuries to kids. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we help you install quality rubber floors that absorb the shock to minimize the impact when children fall.


It is essential to install hygienic surfaces in daycare facilities since children spend most of their time with their hands and feet on the floor. We install non-toxic rubber floors that do not host pathogens that could affect the health of the children in such centers. These eco-friendly rubber floors are also easy to clean to eliminate microorganisms every time they are littered. We advise you to choose nonabsorbent rubber flooring that will make it easy to wipe any spill unlike carpeting which absorbs everything.

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