Hire Professional Wet Pour Playground Contractors

The installation of wet pour or poured-in-place rubber playgrounds provides a multitude of benefits from improving the surface texture and safety for children to creating a weather-proof area for all to enjoy. As professional wet pour playground contractors at Pro-Techs Surfacing, we are a skilled and innovative team ready to transform your facility’s play areas into a safer, creative, and magical space for kids. Discover why more schools, nurseries, and recreational parks are incorporating contemporary surface area modifications.

A major benefit of specialized and textured surfaces for playgrounds is the safety it provides, especially for young children. Unlike tough concrete and slippery grass, the softer textured surface can prevent injuries when children rough and tumble. It also meets requirements in creating a safer space for children to play with specific regulatory safety tests by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The new application is also low maintenance which means it eliminates the cost in repainting, patching, and mowing grass. You can save time and you can save money because the newly applied surface will provide many years of worry-free activity. Should the surface sustain any damage, simply contact our professional team and we will be there with a repair kit, ready to complete the restoration.

These surfaces are considered dual-purpose, meaning that it can be used for multiple events, facilities, and purposes. As experts in designing and implementing the textured playgrounds for children, we use the highest quality materials and deliver technical expertise. Every aspect of your project will be discussed to ensure we create a playground that meets your vision.

Our team of dedicated contractors adds innovative design including engaging characters and features, and valuable materials to produce a smooth, lasting, and beautiful space. With years of experience in developing safe and fun playgrounds for kids, simply contact us to schedule your next consultation. We will help you with beneficial solutions and trusted installations that are tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

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