What PIP Rubber Installation Contractors Inspect During Maintenance

Do you need PIP rubber installation contractors in the United States? Pro-Techs Surfacing provides professional park flooring services around the country! Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote! We conduct routine inspections to make sure that parks meet safety standards. Below are some of the things that we check.

Border around the surface

We check the border around the grounds to ensure that it’s in splendid condition. This includes examining if there are any tree or plant roots compromising safety. We also check that there’s a smooth transition around the borders and on the surface. This minimizes the risk of tripping and falling.

No surface damage

We check if there’s any kind of damage on the poured in place rubber surfacing. This includes if there are any tears or cracks or if there is anything loose or scattered on the surface. Over time friction and pitting can occur. This can create holes in the ground. We can fill in these holes.

Even surface area

We check that the grounds have proper depth. An even surface and proper depth over all the areas minimize cases of injuries. This is especially true when children jump from high surfaces like swing sets. The sooner such issues are addressed, the better.

Impact testing

We test how well the surface handles impacts. This helps to keep children safe when they fall on the ground, especially from high areas.


We can put in place a follow-up system to see to it that our recommendations are worked on. This ensures that your park will always follow safety guidelines. This allows you to ensure that repairs are carried out over time, as required.

We can provide your staff with our maintenance inspection form which is a great tool for safety playground flooring corrective action. This will allow them to carry out daily visual inspections of the area. They can even undertake monthly checks. We then do a more comprehensive documented review annually.

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