When To Call Playground Surfacing Contractors For Maintenance

Are you looking for playground surfacing contractors in the United States? Pro-Techs Surfacing LLC has the most reliable installation and maintenance services in the country! Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote! As a recreation ground repair firm, we’ve encountered parks with different lifespans and conditions. We know that at some point, you’ll need to repair the surface. Here is a guide to help you know when you’re due for repairs or replacement.

More than 20 years old

If your park is more than 20 years old, it’s due for renovation. It will be a good idea to replace the equipment and revamp the grounds.

Wear and tear

You’ll have lots of wear and tear if you have high traffic. Therefore, when you start noticing that the grounds are not as good as before, it’s likely time for new playground surfacing installation. Heavy-use areas include below swings and at the bases of slides. Simple repairs can take as little as one day to fix.


It can happen that your park gets vandalized. This can lead to loss of equipment and damage to your grounds. In case of any graffiti and destruction, call us for extensive repairs.

Increase durability

Regular maintenance can increase the longevity of poured in place rubber flooring for playgrounds and daycare facilities. We can do this for you by providing frequent roll coat which is like a spray coating. This should be done annually depending on weather conditions, and frequency of use among other factors. The process includes spreading a layer of urethane binder over the entire park.

Regular evaluations

It’s wise to schedule regular evaluations to catch issues before they cause more problems. Some of the things we’ll check for include any tears and granulations. Additionally, we’ll examine if there are any sharp objects embedded on the surface.

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