Why Poured In Place Rubber Flooring Installation Is A Top Choice For Playground Surfacing

There is no better way to keep young’uns entertained than by installing a modern play structure and quality rubber safety surfacing. These features provide plenty of activities for climbing, building upper body strength, and improving coordination. They are great for expending restless energy before engaging in sedentary activities indoors. Poured-in-place or PIP rubber surfacing is the top choice for grounds improvements at schools, childcare facilities, and churches among other commercial establishments. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we want people to know why poured in place rubber flooring installation is a top choice as well.

As a reputable PIP surface installer, we are committed to making playgrounds safe for children. Our flooring systems are appealing to parents because of the obvious ability to enhance safety proving the maximum shock absorption. If a child loses their grip on the monkey bars, then slip and fall, they won’t be seriously hurt. When they land on soft and flexible rubber surface, the likelihood of broken or fractured bones is significantly minimized. In fact, kids simply pick themselves up and go right back to playing in most instances, especially when these surfaces are paired with smart play structure designs.

We work closely with recreational playground designers to increase the overall marketability of their client’s facilities. Not surprisingly, PIP surfaces are incredibly good to look at. You do not have to trade outdoor aesthetics for functionality and safety. We have multiple color schemes to choose from. We can even infuse graphic designs with patterns, pictures or branding elements.

Our products are also durable and affordable. They don’t cost a fortune but they are guaranteed to be enduring in nearly all climates. They stand up well in all types of weather, and don’t sustain any significant wear due to constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Do you need PIP playground surfacing on your commercial property? If so, call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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