Why You Should Work With Playground Builders

Playgrounds are an essential part of the community, youth centers and schools. They offer cognitive, social, and physical benefits for the development of kids. It is prudent to work with the right playground builders who will help you to create a little heaven for your kids. We have been in this industry for many years and can help clients connect with playground builders in designing spaces, choosing playground equipment, and guiding you when it comes to budget and space. We work closely with playground builders, architects and contractors to install poured in place durable rubber surfacing, offer design solutions, green options and most importantly safety.

You will get the best rates when it comes to amenities and products for the playing area, as well as for equipment. We have many recreational equipment providers in our network and would be happy to refer you to one of these quality play equipment retailers. We help you decide and categorically outline all aspects of the project keeping in mind the budget you have. This not only ensures that you get a playing area with aesthetic appeal but also ensures you do not go overboard as far as the budget is concerned.

Our perma play product can be poured into various designs. We’ve completed many playground pads with stars, waves, underwater creatures, hopscotch pads, trike tracks and many more designs. We layout the graphic on site and after final approval our qualified playground installation technicians start the work.

Most corporations are going green and we are not left behind. With us on board, you are assured of acquiring a playing area that is environmentally friendly and safe for kids. Safety is always a concern and it is for this reason that we put up measures that look at the layout of the playground. We incorporate materials such as rubber that do not cause accidents while kids are playing.

No one would want a play area that needs maintenance every other day. That is why we always adhere to the quality standards put in place. We use durable materials that have a longer lifespan and are also resistant to wear and tear when kids are out and about in the play area. The materials also have awesome drainage systems so when the play area has been cleaned, it dries up pretty quickly.

When the project is complete, we ensure the product quality with a standard 5 year warranty. Additionally, we can schedule a follow up to ensure the integrity of the surface. This is equally important because we want to provide exceptional service to our clients. Reach out to Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC for any playground service.

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