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Dozens, perhaps even hundreds of children every year are injured in playing area incidents. The common injuries include scrapes, falls, gravel or debris embedded in a wound and other injuries related to falls. Infection arising from an injury which breaks the skin is prevalent, but not always severe enough to involve a trip to an emergency care clinic. One way of reducing the frequency of some of these injuries lies in installing a different type of play surface. Are you looking for a playground flooring contractor in Chicago or anywhere across the United States? Do you need playground surfacing Chicago options? Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC has the best and most trusted surfaces for your playground, daycare facilities, churches, and schools.

The two-layer poured in place Perma Play products is manufactured of premium raw materials and suitable for either indoor or outdoor play areas. The base is comprised of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBB) base and a wear coat made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Both layers are blended with premium grade binders. The result is a soft surface product for playgrounds and other areas. The surface is superior and is built to last for years. The finished surface is attractive, durable and clean. The installation process is handled by a highly trained and certified installer.

Because of its durability and aesthetic appeal, Perma Play is suitable for installation at school playgrounds, parks, day care facilities, and even church activity centers. The product can be installed anywhere you want a safe and attractive playing surface for children and even adults.

Even when the weather is rainy, children can make use of the rubber playground surface. It won’t leave muddy streaks on the children’s clothing or fill up potholes with cold and dirty water. Children are less likely to slip on the rubber surface than would be the case when playing on muddy or grassy surfaces.

Periodic testing is recommended to ensure that the surface remains in compliance with ASTM F1292-17 regulations. We also utilize CPSC Guidelines which set the baseline for a safe and durable playground. Our reliable testing ensures that health and safety standards are met or exceeded, even if we didn’t install the product in the first place.

Perma Play is easy to maintain and looks great through the seasons. There are many custom design possibilities which can be included to make your playground truly unique, while at the same time maintaining health and safety standards. The slip-resistant surface makes playing those games which require secure footing much safer and more fun for the participants.

The current service area includes fourteen states mostly located on the East Coast and the Central United States. Our portfolio of projects can be seen online and more information is available by contacting the company directly, in Chicago or one of the other service area cities and states. In addition to Perma Play, the company also has other options for play area surfaces.

Long-lasting and attractive, Perma Play Poured-in-Place rubber playground surface product can be depended upon for cleanliness, reliability, and resiliency.

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