Advantages Of Using Playground Rubber Surfacing

Rubber surfacing on the playground is a better option when it comes to safety compared to wood fiber mulch, gravel or blacktop. The flooring can create a space that is not only attractive but also functional. From economical saving to eco-friendly attributes, our poured in place rubber or turf flooring offers multiple benefits that everyone can enjoy. If you are wondering what type of play surface flooring to install on a playground, here are four reasons to consider and choose playground rubber surfacing.

You will be able to choose the design you desire. Children love colors and we have endless possibilities for our Perm Play product. Use our Color Blend Visualizer on our Perma Play product web page to choose your color combination. The good thing about this type of poured in place rubber surface flooring is that they come in a broad array of color selection. You may be able to incorporate vivid colors and logos, like your school’s mascot. We can create a play area that is inviting for kids of all ages to play on.

We can do indoor play areas, too. Rubber has sound absorbency, which minimizes any potential noise issue. It will absorb sound and not reflect it. Whether indoor or outdoor, if a schoolyard is around an area where some peace is needed then installing such flooring is a plus for you. You have to note that it does not eliminate the sound of kids playing, but only minimizes it.

The other good thing about our surfacing is that they repel dirt and have low maintenance. You can sweep the area to remove debris then wash it with mild soap and water which will disinfect it more than adequately. Any further sanitizing to the playground surface other than soap and water isn’t recommended. This makes the flooring very economical in upkeep. This is because of their sturdiness in the product’s nature. The surface can withstand extreme temperatures as well as ground movement. We have IPEMA tested our Perma Play, Perma Turf and Perma Mulch products. This certification provides proof that our rubber surface flooring can provide safety, stability and endurance.

Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC provides an excellent solution for playing areas. We can easily customize our services to meet the need of our clients. Call us today at 330-576-6058 so that you can be on your way to experiencing these multiple benefits.

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