Advantages Of Selecting PIP Rubber Flooring In New Jersey

Whenever a park or playground is being planned in an urban or rural area, you’ll want to keep the kids safe while they are having fun. By installing PIP rubber flooring in New Jersey play areas, you can ensure that the children enjoy themselves without taking any hard falls. Our technicians are standing by to explain the benefits and to take orders for this unique surface.

The flooring can be installed in a number of areas. Smaller playgrounds, for example, will usually feature a slide, a set of swings, and perhaps a set of monkey bars. Our specialized poured-in-place material can be added to the ground beneath these areas so that falls are much less likely to cause cuts and scratches. Most kids will be more willing to try the adult swings for the first time if the ground is soft.

In many larger urban areas these days, large playgrounds are being built. These fortresses usually consist of multiple levels and all kinds of extras slides and swings that the older kids can play on. The entire area around these structures can be filled with a PIP surface to protect against potential falls.

In some cases, walkways alongside the playgrounds can also be filled with this rubber surface. The goal is to make it easier for kids to explore the area, especially younger children who are just beginning to learn how to walk. The bouncy surface offers a fun way to walk for kids who are only two or three years old.

In all cases, Pro-Techs Surfacing can work with you to set up a timeline for your project. Whether you want to fill in a small area in your backyard or a very large area in the local city park, we can develop an action plan going forward. We’ll do a walk-through of the construction area so that any possible abnormalities can be identified in the terrain before the actual work begins. The project area will of course be cordoned off and secured until the PIP work has been completed.

You will ultimately find that modern rubber flooring is quite flexible and can be used for plenty of different projects. Once the playground has at last been completed, kids of all ages can have fun without worrying about falling and getting hurt. Parents will be pleased with the flooring and will visit it often with their own kids throughout the spring, summer, and fall whenever the weather is nice.

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