Benefits Of Wet Pour Paving Contractors

Playgrounds and walkways used to be gravel or sod. For a more durable and attractive surface, many schools, parks, and commercial establishments are turning to a product called ‘wet pour’. Wet pour paving contractors such as Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC have the knowledge and experience to efficiently complete a smooth and durable surface on areas where children and adults play or enjoy running, bicycling, or other activities.

The new surface is fast and easy to install, using our specialized equipment and skilled operators can often mean that the project can be completed in just a day or two. The surface is smooth and even so that there is less likelihood of damage from tripping or falls. The rubberized compound which is also known as ‘poured-in-place’ is more giving than hard surfaces so injuries are less of a risk.

The surface of the area is durable. A newly smoothed surface is long-lasting so that the cost per year of usage tends to be lower than would be true if the pavement only last a few years and then must be replaced. For most public entities money issues are important, so savings must be found where possible.

Our team of professionals who perform installation work strive for the best possible results on each project. They are skilled laborers and are cross-trained, so projects are completed in a timely manner.

The wet pour surface is easy to clean and maintain. Hosing down the area with mild soap is all that is required. This will sanitize your surface for everyone’s wellness. General mild brushing will further remove any surface dirt and debris. Because of the type of composition, the material is less likely by directing excess water off the surface into the drains there are little erosion issues.

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