Discover Four Hidden Ways You Can Save Money With The Right Poured-in-Place Rubber Safety Flooring Surface Installer

Are you looking for reliable poured-in-place rubber safety playground installers in the US? Pro-Techs Surfacing has the best poured-in-place rubber safety playground installers in the US! Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote! Property owners setting up rubber playgrounds always yearn to let kids have fun and remain safe whenever they are playing. Attaining such goals makes the installation of a playground in every institution a successful project. However, setting up the playgrounds comes as a capital-intensive project that needs a substantial cash injection. It is vital to identify a reliable contractor for proper price estimation and professional guidance on how to reduce the cost. Luckily, the discussion below outlines the four hidden ways an experienced Poured-in-Place Rubber Safety Flooring Surface Installer can help you save money.

Utilize the Right Mix

We highly recommend the use of an equal percentage of black and color mixture for excellent surface installation. The colored rubber is the most expensive product that you can use when installing poured in place surfaces. You can save thousands of dollars by reducing the colored rubber when setting up your playground surfaces. Mixing the colors will leave a speckled look that is an attractive surface. We will ensure you achieve the vibrant color you need for the playgrounds in your daycare centers, churches, and other institutions.

Save the Cost of Preparations

The other way to attain some cost savings is to actively get involved in the preparation work. Ideally, we always remove some other existing surface such as dirt, debris, blacktops, or mulch. This will need removed and graded to specifications needed before we can install any new playground surfaces. The process can increase your budget as it is always labor-intensive. As a top-rated national PIP flooring contractor, we advise community volunteers setting up public playgrounds to put their effort by helping in preparing the area to reduce the overall cost. Similarly, property owners can also sacrifice their energy to prepare the surface before our team arrives for excellent play surface installation.

Clear the Trash

Collecting and removing the trash within the site where you intend to install the playground can also reduce the figures in the budget. We always want to help you set up affordable play surfaces for your schools and other recreational centers. Make our work easy by organizing your staff or volunteers to clear the trash around the site for your preferred waste collection firm to pick up. This intervention will reduce the overall budget substantially.

Hire the Right Contractor

The cost of the flooring project begins with the contractor that you choose. Contact us for free evaluation and price estimates for safety floors you need to install in any setting. We normally send our playground flooring installation professional to access the site. This enables us to review your specifications to produce the best quotations guided by your budgetary estimates. Our free quotes come with no hidden fees and we never compromise the quality of playgrounds despite our quest for affordability.

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