Discover The Benefits Of Indoor Rubber Flooring For Safe Play Spaces

If you own a family daycare center or run a large childcare facility, the type of flooring that you install in your indoor areas matters. Small children can hurt themselves during even the tamest activities. With our indoor rubber flooring for safe play spaces, you can prevent several bumps, bruises, broken bones, and many other problems.

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we specialize in the installation pour in place rubber flooring systems for outdoor and indoor areas such as classrooms, daycares, and gyms. Our products are durable, attractive, and guaranteed to have a positive impact on child safety. That is why they are currently the top choice among childcare providers, schools and fitness facilities throughout the nation.

One of the greatest benefits of having these systems installed is the ease of maintenance. Many options are naturally antimicrobial and resistant to germs and other pathogens. They can be wiped down, mopped with a damp mop, sprayed with a mild detergent or disinfectant. When we put your flooring system in, we’ll provide a specification sheet with maintenance information explaining how to keep it in excellent condition based upon the type of materials you choose.

We can customize these installations to suit the aesthetic preferences of every client. In fact, we can even incorporate the branding details of your business into your floor designs. We offer brightly colored options that coordinate with basic indoor decor, and infuse eye-catching patterns. We can even help you bring your very own design ideas to life. When scheduling a consultation appointment, our design experts can share visuals of systems that we’ve created in the past to give you a better understanding of our capabilities.

Investing in rubber flooring installation for daycares, schools, churches, fitness centers and parks is a great way to show parents and the community that you’re concerned for the well-being of their little ones. Our products increase the marketability and overall appeal of the facilities that we put them in. If you want a shock-absorbing floor, call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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