How To Prevent Overheating Of Poured In Place Rubber Surfacing

Rubber mulch is one of the most popular playground surfacing materials. It is 100% recycled and safe for both commercial applications and residential kid’s play areas. The best part is that it offers excellent drainage and prevents normal outside stains like soiled grassy clothes. You can depend on us to provide top-quality poured in place rubber surfacing services for both residential and commercial settings.

While rubberized surfaces have numerous enticing benefits. They offer excellent shock absorption, are slip-resistant, and provide adequate cushioning to reduce the risk of getting injured. Additionally, a properly installed surface can withstand intense activity and foot traffic without showing any signs of tear and wear. While rubberized surfaces can overheat, especially when installed outdoors, we have a remedy for this concern.

To prevent this common issue, consider choosing light colors over darker shades that tend to absorb more heat. You can choose from a range of shades and combinations to suit your custom design or visual appeal goals. If you want to install the surface outdoor, focus on combinations that have lesser black granules. While the rubber is warmer than blacktop or wood fibers, it is not dangerous and will not burn when simply touched.

Another excellent tip is to befriend nature. Having trees and plants around your outdoor playground can help reduce the temperature. Moreover, plants help to get rid of pollutants and purify the air. Some greenery around your playground can help with water drainage and will go a long way in ensuring you make the most out of your rubberized surfaces, irrespective of the weather.

While our rubber surfaces have passed all temperature testing protocols, we highly recommend knowing when it is best to close down your play area for other safety reasons. Fighting nature is sometimes an impossible task, especially during heat waves and summer storms. Because the safety of your kids is of paramount importance, closing the play area can help save them from dehydration, serious sunburns, and even a heat stroke. Favorable weather conditions will resume, allowing your little ones to use the play space once more.

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