Learn Four Design And Installation Ideas Experienced Wet Pour Playground Contractors Use To Meet Quality Expectations

Are you looking for wet pour playground installers in the USA? Pro-Techs Surfacing has the most reliable wet pour playground installers in the USA! Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote! Identifying the right materials to set up playground surfaces that can have countless footsteps in daycare centers, churches, city grounds, and recreation areas can be overwhelming. The materials you choose must be durable and ensure safety for all users. Luckily, the use of wet pour rubber to construct your dream flooring comes with everything you need in one package. It is imperative to outsource the help of reliable contractors in this field to ensure the rubber flooring system meets the requirements set forth by the National Recreation and Park Association. The rest of the discussion highlights strategies renowned wet pour playground contractors use for any playground you are dreaming up.

Establishing Appropriate Critical Fall Heights

Various playground surfaces have varying maximum fall heights that help us in determining critical fall height values that rubber flooring must protect. These fall heights help our rubber playground surface installer establish the maximum and minimum ranges we need to observe for various categories of playgrounds. Complex playgrounds will require different fall heights at various sections as opposed to simple flooring surfaces. This approach helps because installing rubber playgrounds with the needed thickness to shield the maximum range of all fall heights in the entire surface can be costly.

Mixing Different Surfacing

Institutions and property owners tend to install different safety flooring in various areas to match the dominant themes surrounding the playgrounds. The contractors must pay attention to unique areas such as those with sand and other loose surfacing materials. We focus on maintaining enough distance to separate areas with sand and uneven materials with surfaces that have continuously poured-in-place rubber system installation. Our installers will use enough perimeter edges to reduce the displacement of sand and loose substances over the rubber floors.

Choose the Right Design Colors

Choosing safety rubber flooring gives you the chance to use different colors and 3D or 2D graphics on the top layer of your playgrounds. The layer at the bottom offers the absorption capacity and comes with varying thicknesses based on the critical fall height value we need for the playgrounds. We encourage you to factor in the colors you need for the top layer when budgeting for the project to identify shades that suit your budget.

Perimeter Edges

We assess various parameters when determining the choice of perimeter edges on your playgrounds. Our highly experienced installers can use concrete edges, bricks, steel or aluminum profiles, or grooves and cuts in concrete slabs. Avoid using timbers or any other wooden option to prevent recurring maintenance issues when wood logs separate from rubber flooring. We discourage the use of such wooden edges because they vary in dimensions and shapes based on the prevailing environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.

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