Why National PIP Rubber Surfacing Contractors Are Always A Top Choice For Playground Design

When designing and installing outdoor play areas, safety is always a key concern. At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we make safety our priority as well. We are also committed to delivering systems that look just as good as they are reliable and enduring. Read on to find out why as a national PIP rubber surfacing contractor, we are always the top choice in playground design.

Unlike mulch, tanbark, and sand; our products aren’t going to attract raccoons, stray cats, or other roaming animals. This means that kids using your outdoor area won’t be subject to infections like ringworm or other skin rashes that come from infested, loose-fill materials. When health and safety issues have long been a concern, switching to poured in place rubber flooring is an excellent decision

Our products are long-lasting and incredibly low maintenance. In fact, they essentially take care of themselves. They hold up well in the natural elements. When they get dirty or dingy, simply us a standard leaf blower or broom, remove any lightweight debris such as leaves, trash, etc. Using a watering hose or a pressure washer, rinse off all excess debris from the surface. While surface is wet, apply a very mild cleaning detergent and agitate lightly with a soft bristle brush. Repeat, as necessary. Once clean, final rinse with low-pressure water from a hose to remove any excess cleaning agents.

You can get incredibly attractive designs for your outdoor areas. Given that this is one of the first spaces that parents will see when touring your facility, aesthetics are important. You can incorporate various colors, patterns, or branding elements into your PIP rubber surfacing installation plan. This surface can be as bright, detailed, and embellished as you want it to be.

Our rubber product won’t splinter or fray. They provide reliable shock absorption for protecting kids from injuries caused by long falls. The cushioning they supply makes using outdoor play areas more enjoyable all around. They are the perfect set-it-and-forget solution for schools, churches, daycares, and other facilities that don’t have a lot of time or money for outside upkeep. If you need help designing your outside play areas, call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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