Finding A Good National Playground Flooring Contractor

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your school, park, or daycare, you might consider installing a new play area. To ensure that the project is completed correctly, you should, of course, rely on a quality company. As a reliable national playground flooring contractor, we can assist you in developing something that will remain the focal point of fun and games for many years to come.

Ensuring that the proper flooring is used is a crucial part of the job. Perma Play, for example, is a poured-in-place option that can be used for a range of projects, including running tracks, garage floors, and walking trails. In fact, the material is a great alternative to solid asphalt or concrete, which can be quite hard on the knees.

Perma Play is also highly durable and resistant, which means that people can exercise on it without it becoming unnecessarily slippery. It’s also easy to maintain throughout the years and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Perma Mulch, which is a similarly useful option, is often chosen by people who are a bit more budget-conscious. It is environmentally friendly and also highly durable. It can give your play area a nice rugged look so that it blends into rural areas. Perma Mulch, like the other materials we offer, is slip-resistant.

We always keep the best interests of our customers in mind. We are dedicated to completing the installation process according to the book, and all of our technicians are licensed and certified. We can give you a timeline for the project during the initial meeting.

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we offer customers a range of materials to choose from. Once the installation has been completed by your trusted PIP rubber surfacing contractor, the playground can open for business. For a high-quality contractor near you, call 330-576-6058 for a free, no-hassle quote.

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