PIP Rubber Contractor Recommends Rubber Floors For Safety

Flooring materials such as poured-in-place surfaces have a soft texture meant to protect against severe scrapes and injuries with an accidental slip or fall and are considered the safest installations for playgrounds and high-traffic areas. Do you need a PIP rubber contractor in the United States? Pro-Techs Surfacing has the most reliable poured-in-place flooring services across the country so simply call 330-576-6058 today for a no-hassle and free quote!

One of the most popular flooring materials for parks, daycare, schools, and even churches is rubberized or poured-in-place flooring. A PIP surface consists of rubberized resins to produce a soft texture that is naturally non-slip. The textured grip makes it a popular installation for your outdoor or indoor playground because it helps to reduce the incidence of severe falls.

The reason that poured-in-place materials are so popular for school playgrounds is because of the bounce that the surface provides. When children run and play, they are less likely to suffer from severe scrapes and injuries on a rubberized floor compared to concrete, asphalt or even mulch wood fibers. We provide PIP rubber flooring installation for playparks and daycares across the country including a wide range of customized colors to create a fun and exciting environment.

As a professional poured in place rubber flooring contractor, we recommend these types of safety floors over other materials such as concrete or blacktop because it is softer, non-slip, and easy to maintain. It will keep its shape and integrity even when exposed to a variety of temperatures. These surfaces are easily cleaned by sweeping the dust and sand or rinsing outdoor areas with a gently pressured hose.

For lasting and affordable flooring solutions, our experienced and knowledgeable team of contractors is here to assist. We install rubberized flooring for indoor and outdoor purposes and include a quality guarantee on our workmanship. If you are interested in attractive, non-slip safety floors, then reach out to us for customized floors that are designed to last for many years.

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