When To Pay For PIP Rubber Surfacing In Boston

Pro-Tech Surfacing, LLC is an industry leader in poured in place rubber surfacing. We offer the latest and most cutting-edge solutions for churches, learning institutions, child care facilities, and all other organizations and businesses that offer recreational areas for their young guests. With our help, it’s possible to create a beautiful, safe and comfortable place for kids to frolic. More importantly, it’s also possible to protect your company from costly liability issues. Do you need PIP rubber surfacing in Boston? Get in touch with Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC today to find out the best time to have these products installed.

Keep in mind that facilities that cater to a younger demographic are often responsible for providing a specific level of safety. As such, the design and implementation of plans for a new playground require a number of considerations concerning the potential for trips, falls and other accidents. The more complex and daring an installed play structure is; the more reliable and well-rated the related safety features need to be.

This type of playground surfacing is appreciated by schools, daycare facilities and other youth programs throughout the world for a very vast range of reasons. To start, it is incredibly easy to use when attempting to enhance or build a playground on a budget. That’s because there is very little preparation that must be done in order to complete one of these projects and very little maintenance that must be performed.

Surfaces like these are also very hygienic when compared to other options. Loose mulch or tanbark was once a highly popular addition to these spaces due to its cost-effectiveness, natural composition, and natural, visual appeal. Unfortunately, however, loose gravel, sand, and mulch can be attractive to a number of pests, both wild and domestic. The activities of animals and insects in these loose fill solutions can wreak havoc on both properties themselves and property residents.

You definitely want to reach out to use if you are using a loose fill material and having problems with pests. Once the affected area has been cleared out, we can replace the underlying protective covering with top-rated, pour in place rubber. These durable solutions stand up incredibly well to extremes of sunlight, rain, heat, and cold. As such, once you invest in these products, you can look forward to having them last a very long time.

When new outdoor systems are being designed and installed, we are definitely the company to call. Working with us will ensure that the resulting layout is fully compliant with all regulations that govern your industry and dictate the arrangement of your location. Hiring seasoned, qualified professionals will help you get the job done right the first time, every time.

It is also a good idea to connect with us if you have had an inordinate number of injury accidents at your site. Installing a fresh, new and far more effective protective coating will restore confidence and help you keep your charges far safer. You can choose from a dazzling range of prints, colors, and styles.

You also have the option of determining the ideal thickness of the resulting surface. Our in-house design consultants are always on hand with information to help you make an informed selection for your design. Call us at 330-576-6058 right away to get a free, no-obligation quote!

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