Some Facts About Playground Flooring In New Jersey

When you are accustomed to a playground surface that is rough, dirty, covered with pebbles or gravel, or has places where water pools, or even runs off in streams every time it rains, it is not very inviting for children or adults to use it as a place to play. Why not look at some other solutions, which are smooth, free of pits and high spots and reduces the pain from falls and trips. Are you looking for playground flooring in New Jersey? Do you need the most reliable and trusted product of its sort in Jersey? Pro-Tech Surfacing has the solutions with its poured in place rubber surfaces.

Our playground surfaces are available in several different formats, as well as in an almost unlimited range of colors. We can place your company, school or community colors and logo right in the PIP surface. It doesn’t fade or wear off since it is part of the surface itself. Further, our products are easy to clean. A broom and a water hose are the essential tools. Because the surface is smooth, the water can be directed to areas where it will not cause erosion. You won’t find pools of water on the surface, because the pouring process leaves the surface smooth and even.

You can expect years of wear, with basic care and maintenance actions. The colors won’t fade and the surface stays in good shape through years of useful life. We can regularly test to ensure that our products meet the quality standards accepted across the country. We will recommend the best products or services for your location and then bring the appropriate equipment and tools to you.

The product itself is made up of two layers of rubberized products. They provide protection against impact injuries since the rubber has qualities which make it less firm, without sacrificing the other critical qualities which are expected on a playing surface.

In addition to our poured-in-place flooring, Pro-Techs offers a mulch product, also of rubber. This is a durable and clean product which is somewhat more budget-friendly that PIP flooring. Because the flooring doesn’t need constant repairs and upkeep, you may find that it works out at a very attractive cost per year of use figure.

Our poured in place (PIP) rubber flooring contractors serving New Jersey have affordable and attractive solutions for your playground or recreational areas. Call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

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