The Benefits Of Choosing Playground Rubber Safety Flooring Installation Contractors

Providing children with a safe place to play and engage in sports and recreation is an important part of a functional educational facility. So, if you are looking for the most reliable playground rubber safety flooring installation contractors, you can speak to us about the design and execution. Of these durable surfaces: Perma Play and Perma Turf. Learn more about our services below or you can call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

One of the most popular reasons for choosing rubberized surfaces is for their appearance. Perma Play 2-layer rubber system is smooth, neat, and creates instant curb appeal while adding value to the property. We are a national wet pour paving contractor and can help you with a variety of designs or color options to ensure that your newly laid surface is color coordinated and lasts for many years.

Rubber playgrounds are also safer for children to play on as the smooth surface prevents kids from sustaining major injuries should they slip or fall across the surface. It is softer compared to aggregate which can lead to scratches and wounds should children fall on it. Our rubberized texture provides better grip when playing sports and other types of recreational facilities making it the ideal choice for playgrounds.

Another important part of choosing the right materials for playgrounds is the amount of maintenance it needs. Rubberized surfaces are easy to maintain and only require washing with a hose to remove the dust, dirt and sand that can settle on the surface. With our durable and lasting installations, we can assist with poured-in-place flooring for all types of playgrounds including a mix of turf and solid rubber.

Across the United States, we provide children with a safe, durable, and lasting type of flooring where they can run and play without causing major injuries. Our rubberized flooring solutions are ready for your creative design. We provide the best installations for daycares, schools, parks, and even churches looking for a neat surface material that is also easy to clean. For customized surfaces and a high standard of workmanship that you can trust, contact us for more information or for a free no hassle quotation.

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