All You Need To Know About Playground Rubber Safety Flooring

Most kids enjoy outdoor play in the early spring to get relief from being cooped up all winter. The much needed outdoor games and exercise are what they consider to be the best way to start the spring season. However, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to protect their children from harm. With those needs in mind, we have developed a well-established company that provides the best safety surfaces for playgrounds money can buy. If you need a safety surface, you can contact us, and we will design and install any kind of rubber safety flooring for your indoor or outdoor park, daycare or school.

Our experts have acquired extensive skills in this field of work. They make sure the work they do meets the needs of our customers. We have delivered many rubber safety pads to clients who needed them. If you are in any part of the country, you can contact us and get the type of play pad you need. However, we do not supply mats as they can be unreliable, do not hold up well to the elements, and may not meet use zone standards around play equipment. The surface under and around a piece of equipment into which a child falling from or exiting from the equipment would be expected to land. These areas are also designated for unrestricted circulation around the equipment. Our skillful work crews adhere to strict use zone guidelines to ensure proper installation of the poured in place rubber material specified on your project.

Our safety playground construction services are affordable. When you want us to install flooring at a specific stadium, field or park, we will perform that task at a reasonable cost. However, the cost of doing the job will depend on the size of a project. Please make sure you consult with us for during the bid process before hiring other contractors to ensure you’re getting the best rate possible.

We are very proud of our powerful machines and proven processes that help our team to perform our unique PIP rubber safety flooring installation within the shortest duration possible. Once a contract or purchase order is in place and the project is scheduled, our crew will use specific materials and machines to ensure the entire project is completed within the agreed time period. You can confidently hire our company and get convenient services throughout the project lifecycle as we are known for high-quality customer service and value your time and business.

As we are experts in rubber surfacing or flooring safety, we confirm that the materials we use offer comfort to kids while meeting the strict safety and environmental standards required for playground safety flooring. These floors or rubber surface areas can prevent people from dislocating their bones or more serious head injuries. We ensure kids can enjoy the spaces we create without fear of injury as we truly care about the wellbeing of our youth as well as your keeping your business protected from legal issues. Our company has built an excellent reputation as a result of putting the best quality PIP rubber surfacing, bonded mulch or synthetic turf fields at in parks and schools across the country over the last 20 years.

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