Finding A Reliable Playground Surfacing Contractor In New York

A play area for recreational use is important for the benefit of schools, neighborhoods, and churches. The right surface will enhance the appearance, as well as be more durable and safe. Are you looking for a playground surfacing contractor in New York? Do you need high-quality safety surfaces for your play areas in the New York City area? Pro-Techs Surfacing LLC has the most reliable, professional and trusted surfaces in NYC.

Some of the characteristics which are important to ensure when you are in need of a contractor for your play area, whether it is indoors or outdoors are described in our website. You will want to be sure of the technicians’ experience, quality of their products and good communication, as well as good customer service.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in both the techniques they use and the products which are utilized. A combined experience of the principals amounts to six decades. We have the right equipment to prepare the play area site and to install the poured-in-place surface which we will provide. We offer consultations for parks, recreation areas, playgrounds and trails suitable for jogging, running or walking.

In addition to PIP product line, we also offer Perma Mulch and Perma Turf. The cost of the surfacing product varies according to the material you select. Each of the products is long-lasting so that the price per time unit will be favorable for most applications. The products are smooth, thus protecting against many trip-and-fall accidents. Our PIP surfaces are IPEMA-Certified to meet ASTM F1292 and are ADA compliant.

Our products are low-maintenance and suitable for budget-conscious safety purposes. We do play areas, landscaping, and other outdoor areas. The products are designed to be environmentally friendly and safe to humans and animals as well. The surfaces are non-permeable, so the ability to control water flow is an important asset to Perma-Play surfaces. PIP surfaces are easy to clean and the colors are durable, so the look remains fresh and bright over many years.

Our professionals are available to travel to your facility, if you are considering establishing a play area, or revamping an existing one. We take all the landscaping features and requirements into consideration when we offer solutions to our customers and prospective customers. When you are looking for top playground surfacing in NYC, we are the company to contact. You can call us at 330-576-6058 today for a free no hassle quote!

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