How Playground Surfacing Contractors In Austin TX Create Safety For All

Slips and severe injuries are the risks associated with a poor choice of flooring material in high-traffic areas such as school playgrounds and churches. But if you need safe, reliable, and valuable surfacing then Pro Techs Surfacing has the best playground surfacing contractors in Austin TX. You only need to call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

Whether a school, daycare, park, or church, you need to prioritize the safety of children and adults. This means investing in a rubber surface offering non-slip qualities and superior cushioning to prevent scratches and scrapes should someone trip and fall. Another major safety benefit is that rubberized surfaces prevent debris such as soil and stones from creating hazards that people could fall over.

If you want to improve the grip and texture of active areas such as children’s play areas or communal spaces in a church, our PIP rubber surfacing contractors are the ones to call. We install high-quality poured-in-place rubber floors for our clients across the United States. Not only have our rubberized surfaces proven safe and effective in preventing unwanted falls, but it is also incredibly durable and can withstand changes in temperature from frost to sunshine.

Our rubber playground surfacing in Austin is designed with excellent drainage. The purpose is to prevent the accumulation of water and puddles you find with uneven cement or grass surfaces. The easy removal of water also protects the rubberized material from prolonged moisture exposure that could lead to deterioration.

When choosing a material for areas with a lot of activity and foot traffic, we provide customized poured-in-place flooring. These types of floors are the best option for durability, ease of maintenance, and safety because of their grip and cushioning. To provide both children and adults with a safe style of flooring that reduces the possibility of severe injuries due to slips and falls, speak to us for beautifully designed and seamless surfaces.

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