Reasons To Connect With Poured In Place Rubber Contractors In New Jersey

Setting up a new playground is a very tough task. After all, there are a lot of safety concerns to consider. You also have to make sure that your chosen configuration presents sufficient age-appropriate challenges for keeping kids active and engaged. Moreover, the entire configurations needs to have a proper foundation for protecting little ones from injury should they ever fall. Are you looking for poured in place rubber contractors in New Jersey? If so, then read on to discover the many benefits that you can gain by working with Pro Techs Surfacing.

To start, we have an extensive amount of experience in the New Jersey area. For churches, schools, day care facilities, and private homes, we have supplied a lot of high-quality and truly visually stunning pip rubber flooring. In addition to focusing on safety, we always make sure that your products also provide an ample amount of aesthetic value. As such, the results look just as good as they are reliable, durable, and capable of performing.

Systems like these are highly recommended due to their incredibly shock absorption. Whenever you set a new play structure up, you have to account for all of the times that excited and fast-moving children might slip, fall, lose their grip, or lose their footing. With pip rubber coatings in place, even falls from fairly significant heights can be easily overcome. These systems help minimize the risk of broken bones and other serious injuries.

More importantly, they show that you have done your due diligence to minimize the risk of physical harm as a property owner. Thus, not only will you be keeping your charges safe with these solutions, but you can also sidestep a number of liability issues. This is why our services are highly valued among learning institutions and other facilities that regularly cater to and service young kids.

Flexibility and adaptability are other attributes that our surfaces are known for. They can be used in a very diverse range of areas and they are guaranteed to stand up to the ravages of the outdoor elements over time. Once these systems are in place, you can rest assured that they will remain viable and reliable throughout the duration of their expected lifetimes. We also provide special sealing services to further extend these systems, as well as a number of maintenance solutions.

Call our office at 330-576-6058 right now to get your free, no-hassle quote! We have a large portfolio of successfully completed projects. Moreover, we pride ourselves in being able to customize and streamline our systems and solutions to meet the unique needs of every client and location.

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