An Overview Of Poured In Place Rubber Installation

If you are developing a property area that requires soft ground cover, we can offer a number of excellent solutions. In fact, poured in place rubber installation can protect adults and children alike while they are getting some much-needed exercise. As reputable professionals in the field, we can devise a blueprint for action that can be followed until the project has reached a successful conclusion.

Schools often have outdoor playground areas where the kids can exercise and stretch their legs during recess. Soft rubber can be placed under swings and slides so that injuries are much less likely to occur. The material is especially useful for larger wooden playground structures that are built higher off the ground than older-style play areas.

Renovating an older park may require city and town planners to be up to date on certain codes. Parks that offer poured in rubber around key amenities will nearly always make the area safer. We can help you with your park renovation and can ultimately commit to the installation work itself, especially if the square footage is on the larger side.

We ultimately do PIP work in a wide array of locations. We’ve worked effectively with daycare centers and churches, for example, to develop play areas for children. The goal is to create a wonderland of fun while ensuring that no unsafe play practices take place.

We’ll offer a price quote at the outset of the project, and this will include a reputable cost break-down. This allows you to see which materials will cost the most or the least per square foot. All price quotes will of course be provided in writing and honored.

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