Reasons To Hire Playground Surfacing Specialists

Playgrounds are common play and activity areas for children helping them socialize and learn in a safe environment. Unfortunately, not all surfaces are made equal and many types of materials may pose a health hazard to kids. When you rely on Pro-Techs Surfacing, we are playground surfacing specialists using high-grade materials that are safe which minimize injuries, long-lasting, and encourage hours of fun for both indoor and outdoor surface area environments.

There are many types of materials one can choose to resurface a play area for children each offering its own features, benefits and potential limitations. As professionals with years of experience in creating safe and brand new play environments for kids, we can determine which surface solution is ideal, from accessibility to longevity. We only use high traffic area materials that have proven effectiveness with safety testing reports on file and available upon request.

A popular choice of surface for playgrounds is poured-in-place rubber PIP rubber. It provides durability, safety and it’s long lasting. PIP rubber provides a cushioned texture on your playground surface and custom features including a unique graphics that can be designed for educational and entertainment purposes. We can create these soft rubber surfaces in different colors, patterns, assuring the integrity with high wear and low maintenance installation.

Synthetic turf has become a popular choice for playgrounds offering the soft texture of grass but without the ongoing care and the risk of grass burns during play or ongoing activities. Artificial grass is designed with cushioning to keep children comfortable while ensuring hours of fun and play. It is available in different colors: field green, electric blue, bright yellow, hot red and white. Turf fields can offer more affordability as the warranty lasts for 10 years.

The best surfacing solutions for playgrounds are found with our professionalism, creativity and industry expertise. We are leaders in safe, durable, long-lasting and fun play areas for children. Consult with our dedicated team and we can advise on the right materials and designs for your schooling, educational facility and child-care needs.

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