Rubber Playground Flooring In Chicago

For most people over a certain age, there are memories of injuries suffered while playing on the school playground. The injuries range from scrapes and cuts to skinned knees, to broken bones from landing wrong while enjoying a game of tag or basketball. Often, these play areas were little more than a graveled space, or later perhaps asphalt coatings which were slippery when wet and sticky when the weather heated up. Today’s options are much more appealing, both from a safety and an aesthetic standpoint. Are you searching for a source of rubber playground flooring in Chicago or elsewhere in the US? Do you need playground flooring in Chicago for your church, school daycare or play area, indoors or out? Pro-Techs Surfacing, LLC offers the most reliable and trusted surfaces for your facility.

Perma Play is one of the products manufactured and installed by Pro-Techs Surfacing. The two-layer poured-in-place product consists of a strong base layer, topped by a sealing layer. The top layer can be customized with colors and designs and is slip resistant for safety reasons. Because the two layers provide some impact absorption, the rate of injury causing accidents can be expected to be reduced. Instead of a fall causing a broken arm, or leg, there may only be a bruise.

Another benefit from the rubber flooring is that it is easier to clean. The surface can be scrubbed down and restored to an optimum appearance with relatively minor effort. When there is less dirt and debris on the surface, a scraped knee or elbow is less subject to infection from the break in the skin. Slippery surfaces such as are prevalent with a grassy space will no longer cause the type of slip and fall accidents which lead to sprains and strains.

The flooring product can be applied indoors or outdoors since it is done by the professionals associated with Pro-Techs. Perhaps you have a recreation area which is used for multiple activities. Application to a pool-side surface reduces the risk of swimmers or sunbathers slipping on the wet surfaces. Application in a spa or workout room may also be a way to add color and functionality to an otherwise stark decor.

In many of the states, the product is available. It is applied by expert technicians in locations as far west as Texas and as far East as Virginia. The technicians at the company have more than six decades of combined experience and have installed more than two million square feet of turn-key safety recreation and play surfaces.

The surfaces have been carefully studied and tested over the years to be certain that they hold up to normal wear and tear. They meet compliance standards set by testing agencies and peer group standards.

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