Three Important Reasons To Learn More About Safety Flooring For Schools

As the owner, operator, or manager of any facility that entertains or cares for children; it’s important to do all that you can to ensure that you’re fulfilling your duty of care. Unfortunately, this requires more than the normal efforts. For children, it’s vital to ensure that there are safety measures in place that account for their still-developing coordination and motor skills, and considering all the activities they’ll be engaging in. Read on to discover three important reasons to learn more about safety flooring for students as schools or anywhere needing a playground.

Safety rubber floors absorb a large amount of the shock that children or students are subject to during falls. If you have climbing structures or any other agility activity stations that present the possibility of an impact, you want to invest in quality rubber flooring solutions. This will limit the number of injuries that your kids ages 2 – 12 years old could sustain, thereby, increasing the marketability of your facility. It will also keep parents happier knowing their little ones are safe and sound at your daycare, school, park, or sports venue.

At Pro-Techs Surfacing, we provide indoor and outdoor playground rubber or turf flooring that’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. In fact, we even have options with inherent antimicrobial properties. With these, you don’t have to worry about harmful germs or viruses being transferred from person to person or rapidly spreading. When the day is done, clean up and disinfecting is easy as soap and water which saves you time, money, and a lot less to do.

We provide pour-in-place or PIP rubber flooring installation services (Perma Play) that are poured directly onto the finished concrete or gravel sub-floor. Perma Play rubber flooring system has lasting durability, incredible aesthetics, offers excellent cushioning, and a comfortable feel that students absolutely enjoy. Our synthetic turf flooring system, Perma Tur, is designed for heavy traffic, cool to the touch, has a variety of color options, and can be installed outside or inside with the same safety features as our rubber flooring.

Our team can even help you decide on a floor style and design that fits seamlessly with any design features you can dream about and can include distinctive branding elements. With our team helping you set up your indoor or outdoor area, you can rest assured that everyone accessing your play space will be safe, well-entertained, and able to play to their hearts’ content. Call us now at 330-576-6058 to schedule a consultation appointment or to get more information on the cutting-edge products we provide.

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