The Benefits Of Rubber Playground Surfacing

Rubberized surfaces and floors have become a popular addition for churches, playparks, and daycare facilities offering a non-slip and low-maintenance solution. If you are looking for rubber playground surfacing then Pro-Techs Surfacing provides high quality installation all across the United States. You can learn more about our range of services when you call 330-576-6058 today for a free no-hassle quote!

Non-slip surfaces are also known as poured-in-place floors and provide the highest level of grip and texture for high traffic and moisture-prone areas. These simple rubberized floors are also installed indoors at sports gyms, rehabilitation clinics, schools and daycares and other areas where non-slip surfaces are required. The flexibility of the rubber also makes it easy to install and it is considered more affordable compared to decorative concrete or stone.

For a safe flooring solution that is easy to maintain, we install durable materials that are tough enough to withstand foot traffic but gentle enough to prevent serious injuries during a slip or fall. This makes rubberized surfaces a popular installation for outdoor or indoor playgrounds and areas frequented by children. Because of its non-slip qualities, it can reduce the occurrence of a critical fall by padding the area appropriately.

If you are looking for a durable floor that is easy to clean, then the poured in place surface is the best choice. All that is required to keep these floors in good condition is to sweep or rinse the dust, dirt, or sand off the surface. We provide a maintenance guide and all information can be found in our products section on the respective specification document. Our playground safety surfacing company can install these surfaces both indoors and outdoors while offering excellent wear and tear.

Along with the versatility of rubber floors, they can be designed in various colors that create an inviting and appealing finish. As a dedicated playground flooring and equipment supplier, we can create custom colors and finishes for churches, schools, playgrounds, and parks interested in poured-in-place surfaces. Speak to our team for durable, quality, and attractive floors with an outstanding lifespan.

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